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EndoPro Cam

EndoPro Cam

Designed for evaluating the condition of rigid endoscopes, the EndoPro-Cam® is a portable endoscopic video system providing 1080p high resolution HD imaging that assists healthcare workers with inspection of their facilities' rigid scope to check if their device is damaged. The lightweight ergonomic EndoPro-Cam® allows for image capture, recording and adapts to C-Mount couplers. Featuring a 4.3 Inch LCD monitor, the EndoPro-Cam® is equipped with a Micro SD card slot, Micro USB port and Mini HDMI port. The EndoPro-Cam® includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery power bank, Micro SD card for storage and a Mini HDMI cable for secondary monitor usage. Additionally, the EndoPro-Cam® comes with a camera stand that has a test pattern card that can be affixed to it, which allows the user to view the card through their rigid scope to observe a standard test pattern to evaluate the resolution and color bars to check for dark spots. The EndoPro-Cam® is offered as a standard item (EPRO-001; includes Li-ion battery power bank, Micro SD card and Mini HDMI cable), and a starter kit (EPRO-001SK; includes Li-ion battery power bank, Micro SD card, Mini HDMI cable, 28mm optical coupler, stand, 10 watt light source with charger and 2 batteries).

Support Documents

Flexible Inspection Scope Kit (FIS-005) IFU If Purchased Before May 5, 2020
Optivisor IFU
Pocket Microscope IFU
Flexible Inspection Scope (FIS-005SK & FIS-005) Complete Manual
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Adjustable Arm Magnifier IFU
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DeskBrite IFU
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Handheld Multi-Magnifier IFU
Magic Touch Magnifier IFU
FIS EO Disinfection Study
Endoscope Reprocessing Quality Assurance Recommendations
Washable Keyboard and Mouse IFU
ANSI/AAMI ST91: 2015 Flexible and semi-rigid endoscope processing in heatlh care facilties
Loupe Set with Smart Phone Adapter IFU
LED Magnifier 4x IFU
How to Get Visually Clean
Cleaning and Disinfecting Methods Material Compatibility Sheet for FIS
Wall Mount Bracket for Made in USA LED Magnifiers IFU
Enhanced Inspection of Flexible Endoscopes Example Policy
Enhanced Visual Inspection of Medical Devices Example Devices
Flexible Endoscope Incident Report Updated May 2019 Volume I
Fiberscope and LED Light Source IFU
ANSI/AAMI ST90: 2017 Processing of health care products-Quality management systems for processing in health care facilities
Flex Arm Kit IFU
Flexible Arm for Fiberscope IFU
Flexible Inspection Scope Kit FIS-006 IFU
Use of the Flexible Inspection Scope (FIS) for Inspection of Flexible Endoscopes and Other Instruments
Flexible Endoscope Incident Report October 2019 Volume II
Interchangeable Magnifier IFU
Flexible Inspection Scope Kit (FIS-005) IFU
Flexible Endoscope Incident Report April 2020 Volume III
EndoPro-Cam IFU
Light Cord Adapters IFU
Mobile Phone IFU
Example Policy for Enhanced Inspection of Flexible Endoscopes
Flexible Inspection Scope Kit FIS-007U IFU

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