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Elevator Mechanism Brush

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Equivalent in brush dimensions (diameter, brush part length) to the Olympus’ MAJ-1888 for cleaning endoscope elevator mechanism wires; our uniquely designed small-scale brush head is comprised of polyamide brush filaments attached to a plastic-coated wire core for efficient scrubbing of endoscope elevator wires. Developed with an ergonomic handle fashioned from recyclable polypropylene for intentions of controlled grip and precision movement, the adjoining flexible neck provides ease of access...


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The durasponge allows for safe cleaning of surgical instruments and surfaces. Available in a flat or tubular design....


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These brushes that have been designed to facilitate maximum cleaning performance while ensuring compatibility with the endoscope channel. The tapered bristle brushes and colonoscope/duendoscope brushes are long enough, small enough and flexible enough to clean your flexible endoscopes. The first style of these brushes will include the specific endobrush that correlates the brush diameter to the Olympus color standards, while our other style includes the endobrush along with a valve brush for cle...

Flexible Endoscope Tray

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Designed by endoscopy nurses, in this 20” diameter tray flexible scopes can be safely coiled for complete immersion in disinfecting solution. The lift-off lid completely covers the tray, limiting fumes. Max temp is 185°F....


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Instrument manufacturers, AAMI, AORN and others generally recommend that decontamination of instruments begin within 30 minutes of use so that organic soils, particularly blood, do not dry. But often this is not possible. The solution to extended holding time of soiled instruments? The Humipak consists of a layer of highly absorbent material sandwiched between two layers of water proof film. To use, place individual instruments, or an entire instrument tray inside the Humipak, add the specifi...

Lint Free Wipes

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Manual cleaning of endoscopes and other surgical instruments are not only important, but absolutely necessary. Use these low linting wipes immediately after use, and prior to automated or manual disinfection. These wipes will help ensure proper instrument reprocessing. Also available in blue....