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Disinfection labels

Disinfection labels

Label your endoscope with a "High Level Disinfection" sticker after disinfection. Include date, initials of processor and process number.

Support Documents

MKT marking tape test report
Tag 001-Tag026 Tray Tags Sterilization Methods
Instrument Marking Tape IFU
Slotted Tray Tag
Tray Identification Tags IFU
Time Out Sign IFU
Self-Looping Labels IFU
Stainless Steel Tray Tags IFU
Custom Label Form
Washer Rack Label IFU
HangTimeKit Labels IFU
Handheld Labeling System IFU
Premium Handheld Labeling System IFU
Clip-On Basket Tags IFU
PPE Decals IFU
Laser CAAT Tray Tag IFU
Custom Labels IFU
Transportation Identification Label IFU
Color Dots & Tape IFU
Interchangeable Label Holder & Tags IFU
Autoclave Tape IFU
Custom Magnetic Labels IFU
Custom Vinyl Labels IFU
Clean & Dirty Reversable Sign IFU
Example Policy for Transportation IdentificationTag
High Level Disinfection Label IFU
Clean & Biohazard Multipurpose Label IFU
Hanging Tag IFU
Preprinted Labels IFU
7 Day Indicator Hangtime Label IFU 2022-02-10
Single-Use 1 Hour Indicator IFU 2022-02-10
Support for Monitoring the 1-Hour Hold Time Between Precleaning and Manual Cleaning of Endoscopes
ANSI/AAMI ST91: 2021 Flexible and semi-rigid endoscope processing in health care facilities
Quick Turnover 2-Part Clean-Dirty Label IFU
12 Day Indicator Hangtime Label IFU 2022-01-28
ANSI/AAMI ST90: 2017 Processing of health care products-Quality management systems for processing in health care facilities
ANSI/AAMI ST79: 2017 Comprehensive guide to steam sterilization and sterility assurance in health care facilities
Laser C.A.A.T Tags White Paper
Example Policy for Healthmark Clean, In Use, Dirty Identification Label
Self-Adhesive Track Label-No Indicator IFU
Eye Wash Temperature Check Tag IFU

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Disinfection labels

Label your endoscope with a "High Level Disinfection" sticker after disinfection. Include date, initials of processor and process number....

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